Are you planning to start business in Czech Republic?

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We would like to help you start new business in Czech Republic. Suitable and safe conditions for business have existed in the Czech Republic for 20 years and have made the country very attractive for investors. The stability and consecutive development of the country are promoted by the activities of the government and the education system

Business location in Czech Republic has many advantages, especially:

  • location in the middle of Europe
  • highly developed public road and railway system
  • engineering industry tradition

Main industry sectors:

  • automobile manufacturing
  • engineering
  • brewing industry
  • glasswork
  • electricity production


31.03.2010: Do you want to fix Corporate income tax rate 19% for year 2011 ?
26.02.2010: Duty to settle income tax advances in year 2010
22.12.2009: Maximum social insurance assessment base in year 2010
02.11.2009: Communication with authorities through internet data boxes
01.11.2009: Expected changes in VAT code y. 2010
24.10.2009: Turning point of VAT rates
15.10.2009: New tax settlements condition

Year 2010 tax minimum (tax rates, depreciation)

Corporate income tax:

  • Standard rate 19% (in year 2009 was 20%)
  • Dividends - 15%

Personal income tax: Flat rate 15%

Tax depreciation periods:

  • category 1 - 3 years: Computers, office equipment, assembly tools
  • category 2 - 5 years: Machinery and equipment, cars, tractors, trucks, carpets, furniture
  • category 3 - 10 years: Heavy machinery, air-conditioning, generators, vessels
  • category 4 - 20 years: Wooden and plastic buildings, plumbing fixture, fence
  • category 5 - 30 years: Buildings other than in category 6
  • category 6 - 50 years: Hotels, administrative and commercial buildings

Loss utilisation

Taxable loss could be compensate in following 5 years
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